"One of the great things about hosting karaoke night is that it does not require too much planning."

Addressing The Needs Of Individual Restaurants And Taverns --- The Seeds For A Successful Night.

From the karaoke boxes of Japan in the late 1970s, karaoke has been a worldwide phenomenon. Many nightclubs, bars, and restaurants have added karaoke nights. As the technology becomes more powerful and affordable, dedicated karaoke clubs are spinning all over.

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Nightclubs, bars, and restaurants need to stay competitive in today's entertainment and dining market. According to the food service warehouse, any nightclubs, bars, and restaurants within a  5 to15 mile radius is in competition with your facility. Karaoke is a good way to remain competitive while adding a fun and lively atmosphere to your establishment. Offering your customers, and camaraderie laughs, while having access to their favorite food and drinks bring attention and admiration.

Let DJs-R-US Entertainment step up  to the challenge, bringing the music, video, lighting, and entertainment to manage  your theme.

Professional sound system  with voice effects

Wireless HD monitors

8 wireless microphones


Library of over 30,000 Karaoke songs

On-site downloading

Dance lighting